Christine M. Tracy, Ph.D.

Writer | Editor | Media Analyst

Curriculum Vitae


As a rhetorician, media ecologist, and journalist, I questioned our consumption of news for many years before I discovered the work of the Jesuit mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Inspired by his term ‘noosphere,’ a description of our collective thought energy, I coined the term ‘newsphere,’ to explain the paradox of our current news environment: we are bombarded with information while simultaneously offered profound possibilities for elevating our awareness. Now, more than ever, we need enlightened, heart-centered ways to engage in the newsphere. I have created this space to show how the energy of the noosphere can enhance our collective evolution.


I earned a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer in Troy, NY, where I studied the evolution of media and worked as a founding editor of Computer-Mediated Communication, one of the Internet’s first e-zines. My research focuses on technological changes to news creation and dissemination.


I taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate classes at Rensselaer, The Sage Colleges, The College of St. Rose, and Eastern Michigan University (EMU), where I was a tenured professor in the English Department. I pioneered the study of Media Ecology at EMU and created classes in Digital Journalism and the Media Ecology Tradition. 


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