Consuming News Is A Conscious Choice

When viewed as an ecology, news is not a product to be consumed but a conscious act 

to engage with and produce shared information that has value in a community: This 

is how cultures and societies create their histories. 

In this systemic cultural context, news is no longer viewed as merely a hierarchically 

derived economic transaction but as a progressive and egalitarian oppor

tunity, responsibility and challenge for citizens to create and build community 

through genuine dialogue. A simultaneous focus on both consumption and production—

a genuine ecological approach to news—allows us to open up public 

discourse to the collective level in new ways. When viewed as a system and an 

ecology, consumption of news becomes a conscious choice involving knowledge 

generation, information creation, and public distribution. It requires the audience 

to question and it shifts the location of news judgment from the externally oriented 

editor to the internally focused individual. 

An ecological mode of news puts quality not quantity in the foreground. 

Consumption of news, as defined here, is a conscious choice necessitating informed 

thought. It sheds a different light on the traditional concept of news judgment. It allows the audience to question, and it requires its participation.

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