The Newsphere: Understanding the News and Information Environment

This book balances critical theory and professional practice to create specific strategies that result in more effective and enlightened news production and consumption. Emerging from the integral theories of Teilhard de Chardin and embracing Neil Postman’s media ecology, the reception theories of John Fiske, and the work of many contemporary scholars, The Newsphere constructs a solid theoretical, historical, and practical framework for news as ecology. It illuminates how stories emerge and evolve across digital networks and complex systems and examines the historical and theoretical forces that are precipitating the decay of the traditional American news and information structure.

The Mystic As Everyman, Teilhard de Chardin as Integral Theorist

In this poignant essay, Christine M. Tracy casts the beloved philosopher, priest, and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1995) in a new light. As Teilhard’s extraordinary human life proved, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This scholarly yet accessible work invites the reader to reconcile “the inside and outside of things,” and reveals Teilhard’s secret to happiness. Teilhard beckons each one of us to “add one stitch, no matter how small, to the magnificent tapestry of life.”
What does it mean to see with the eyes of the mystic yet live as a realist? Teilhard’s answer was his extraordinary human life. The warrior must witness death: the priest must recite his prayers: the paleontologist must dig into the earth. It is necessary to perform activities in the physical realm to access the spiritual realm. Living in a state of realization and acute awareness has singularly been the life of the mystic, and holy men, such as Teilhard. It is now required of everyone.

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