Geppetto To The Rescue: Automated Fact-Checkers Are The Antidote For Liars

The 2106 election will be the most fact-checked in history, but will people believe the truth even when it's verified? Much like an army of truth-telling Geppettos, fact-checking journalists are battling the global pandemic of false and misleading claims so easily spread by the ubiquitous use of smart phones and sophisticated social media apps. While [...]

What happens when vast numbers of people focus on the same thing at the same time?

“Our individual minds, though distinct and uniquely ours, may also join with others in a kind of mental symphony that now and then becomes audible against a prevailing background of static,” says Richard Samson, director of the EraNova Institute, whose mission is empowering human development. Using random number generators, scientists from Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project [...]

Take-Aways from Michael Wolff’s “Television is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph Of Old Media In the Digital Age.”

Michael Wolff’s  PBS interview motivated me to buy his “Television is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media In the Digital Age.” I am very interested in online economic models, and I was intrigued by his ideas about the money behind old and new media. As the title implies, the book is mostly [...]