People See Through A Racial Lens: Young People Today Are Engaged and Fearless Says ‘60s Activist and SDS Pioneer Tom Hayden

By Christine M. Tracy I interviewed Tom Hayden in March of 2015 when he returned to his home state of Michigan and his alma mater, The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the First Teach-In To End The Vietnam War. Hayden died Sunday at the age of 76. “In [...]

Ride The Wave Of Change Advises International Affairs Expert Robin Wright

Seasoned war reporter rejects the 'mean world syndrome'  You've probably seen Robin Wright on the PBS Newshour, Charlie Rose, or CBS's Face The Nation. She's spent most of her life reporting on wars and conflicts: her column, ISIS On The Run, was in the October 17, 2016 New Yorker.   The world-traveling reporter recently returned to her [...]

“You shouldn’t have to try to balance your work with your life. To me, it’s all life.”

Michigan Football Hero and tech entrepreneur succeeds by  'failing forward.' 2002 was one of the best years of Phil Brabbs’ life. On a hot Saturday in August the University of Michigan kicker, a walk-on from Midland, attempted a critical 44-yard field goal. The Wolverines were trailing Washington by one point. Brabbs had missed both 36- and [...]

Geppetto To The Rescue: Automated Fact-Checkers Are The Antidote For Liars

The 2106 election will be the most fact-checked in history, but will people believe the truth even when it's verified? Much like an army of truth-telling Geppettos, fact-checking journalists are battling the global pandemic of false and misleading claims so easily spread by the ubiquitous use of smart phones and sophisticated social media apps. While [...]

What happens when vast numbers of people focus on the same thing at the same time?

“Our individual minds, though distinct and uniquely ours, may also join with others in a kind of mental symphony that now and then becomes audible against a prevailing background of static,” says Richard Samson, director of the EraNova Institute, whose mission is empowering human development. Using random number generators, scientists from Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project [...]