When I wrote The Newsphere, I realized how vital an honest, kind, and insightful editor was to the completion and success of my book. As I focused on the writing and research – the ground-level work – my editor grasped the ‘big picture’ and, just like a hawk with an elevated view, she helped me see what I could not see myself. Ultimately the work was much better than anything I could have done on my own, and the process was easier.  

Substantive and Organizational Editing Services

I bring decades of experience to my work as a substantive and organizational editor. I am a rhetorician (Ph.D. Rensselaer 2005) and possess an organic talent for understanding and meeting the objectives of writers and the needs of audiences. During my writing, editing, and teaching career, I have worked with a wide range of documents including:

  • publicity and media relations materials;
  • social media;
  • blog posts;
  • speechwriting;
  • journalism and news stories;
  • magazine articles and non-fiction writing;
  • essays;
  • corporate and crisis communication;
  • online content; and 
  • research and scholarly projects.

How I Work

I will do an initial review of your document and send you an estimate based on the extent of the work required. We’ll discuss your needs: for example, do you want me to make changes to the document directly, or do you prefer embedded comments about what needs to change?

After reading and evaluating the entire document, I will do a high-level structural edit while correcting any minor errors and inserting specific comments throughout the text. Next, I will re-order and rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and specific sections to improve overall flow and readability and evaluate:

  • how well the rhetorical needs of the audience are met;
  • how clear the writer’s objectives are; 
  • the logical sequencing of ideas; 
  • the strength, vibrancy, and consistency of the writer’s voice;
  • the quality and impact of transitions; and 
  • the content to determine if anything is missing, superfluous or repetitive.  

It is always up to the writer to accept or reject any edit I recommend. My goal is simply to make the writing as elegant, clean, crisp, and effective as possible. I am fast, efficient, and above all, critical and sensitive to a writer’s voice.

My rate is $75-$100 per hour

Contact me for editing: christineta2@comcast.net

Client Testimonials

Christine provided excellent developmental feedback on a piece of long-form journalism I wrote. Her insights on pacing as well as pointing out where the reader would need essential background knowledge helped me to trim fat and fill in gaps. Somehow, she was able to quickly pinpoint the essence of the story and what was holding it back from being impactful. With her incisive yet encouraging feedback, I was able to tighten up the story before submitting it for publication.”

Natalie Tomlin, freelance writer

“Christine helped me edit an editorial piece I wrote for a magazine that was outside my typical writing genre. She expertly and efficiently pointed out ways to make my writing clearer and streamlined without losing my “voice.” Her vast knowledge of the requirements and standards of quality journalism enables her to guide writers to stronger, more cohesive pieces. She was encouraging and supportive and a pleasure to work with on this project. I highly recommend her editing skills.”

Jennifer Rhode, blogger, interior designer.