“You shouldn’t have to try to balance your work with your life. To me, it’s all life.”

Michigan Football Hero and tech entrepreneur succeeds by  'failing forward.' 2002 was one of the best years of Phil Brabbs’ life. On a hot Saturday in August the University of Michigan kicker, a walk-on from Midland, attempted a critical 44-yard field goal. The Wolverines were trailing Washington by one point. Brabbs had missed both 36- and [...]

Take-Aways from Michael Wolff’s “Television is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph Of Old Media In the Digital Age.”

Michael Wolff’s  PBS interview motivated me to buy his “Television is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media In the Digital Age.” I am very interested in online economic models, and I was intrigued by his ideas about the money behind old and new media. As the title implies, the book is mostly [...]