Academic Coaching

I know.

You’re looking for a short-cut: a magic bullet to move you safely around the pot-holes, past the inertia, and beyond the destructive self-talk that can bring your thesis, dissertation, or research project to a grinding halt.

You may feel like you simply can’t do the one and only thing you need to do-write!

Most likely, you’re stuck because you’re trying to think your way into the writing, which simply doesn’t work. The solution is to write your way into the thinking. It’s not easy, but with the right help, it’s not only possible but manageable.

Deadlines are our friends.

I can help you meet yours comfortably. I’ve supervised the master’s theses of Heidi Kraun, Lynn Sebastian Mackenzie, and Mary Aiello, graduate students in Eastern Michigan University’s Written Communication program. Throughout my teaching career, I’ve helped hundreds of students skillfully and successfully conceive, develop, write, edit, and complete projects that demonstrate their full potential as writers and thinkers.

Coaching Expertise

  • creating a realistic work plan;
  • providing substantive editing and regular feedback;
  • developing a project outline and structure;
  • eliminating internal and external barriers; and
  • increasing motivation and productivity.

My rate ranges from $50 to $100 per hour

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I provide a 30-minute initial consultation at no cost to access your needs and determine if we are a good fit.